Frequently Asked Questions

Market Basket Subscription Service Frequently Asked Questions:

What's in my basket? We post on our facebook page at the beginning of each week what we are planning on putting in the baskets for that week. There are also some photo albums with greens and herbs labeled to help with identification. But please remember, everything you receive is edible. Take a taste!

I've never tried a a Market Basket Subscription before. I'm afraid it will be too much produce. How can I start? Try a small basket. It feeds up to two people. You can choose weekly or bi-weekly delivery service. Home delivery service will also be available soon.

We love getting our Market Basket! However, we are going on vacation for a couple of weeks. What should we do? You can put a hold on your basket for the week(s) that you are away and your subscription will be automatically extended. Or, you can have a friend pick up in your absence. This introduces new people to the Market Basket program who often decide to get their own baskets. We appreciate the referral!

What are my options? You can pick a Small Basket, which includes 5 fresh seasonal locally grown produce items weekly or bi-weekly. It’s enough for 1-2 people. You also have the option of choosing a Medium Basket, which feeds 3-4 people and includes one bonus Market Item such as fresh local honey or homemade candles and soaps. Our Large Basket offers the same but includes 2 bonus Market Items and feeds 4-6 people. You select your desired pick up location, day, and frequency.

What if I want some additional items this week or next week? Go to the "Add-Ons" section of the store and you can select from a variety of items that you can add to your basket. You can choose one-time delivery, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly delivery. Your credit card is charged the week that the extra items are delivered in your basket. You must order at least 3 days before your next pick up day. 

I don't like tomatoes. Can you leave them out of my basket?  Unfortunately at the moment, we are not set up to remove items from only certain baskets. You are receiving a portion of what our farmer’s harvest and our food artisans make. We recommend sharing any unwanted items with friends and loved ones. However, if there are any specific food allergies we will make special accommodations for your subscription.

Do I save anything by reserving a Market Basket for 12 weeks instead of paying weekly? No. The price per week is the same whether you buy a 12 week subscription or your card is charged each week. 

How will I know when it is time to renew? You will receive a reminder email that it is time to renew about a week in advance. In addition, your last paid box will be labeled, "LAST BOX."

I thought every week would be good, but now I think I'd better have bi-weekly pick-up. Can I change? Yes! Go to your account and change the frequency of delivery. This will automatically extend your subscription so you still receive all your deliveries, just over a longer period of time.

I forgot to pick up my Market Basket on Saturday. Can I pick it up this Wednesday? Sorry, you can only put a hold on your box or change the pick-up day no less than one day in advance. Baskets not picked up at the PTC Farmers Market will be donated to a local food charity.

What is the deadline to order an add-on for my next delivery? We need to have your order in 3 days before your next scheduled pick up. Any orders placed less than 3 days before your pick up will be added to your basket the following week.  For example, if you order a dozen eggs on Tuesday and your pick up is on Wednesday, you will receive your eggs a week from Wednesday.

Can I pay by check (or cash)? Absolutely! You can mail a check to us at The Peachtree City Farmers Market, 205 Ruskin Road Peachtree City, GA 30269 or stop in at the Market at 215 Northlake Drive Peachtree City GA 30269 with a payment. Just make sure that we receive your payment at least 72 hours before your new Basket Subscription starts.

Can you deliver Market Baskets to my office or neighborhood? Absolutely! The PTC Farmers Market has partnered with a local delivery service and we will soon be offering Market to Door delivery service within Peachtree City only. There will be a delivery charge for the service.

I decided a Market Basket Subscription isn't really for me. Can I get a refund?  Sorry, at this time we do not offer Refunds, however you may cancel your subscription at any time and without penalty. If you cancel your subscription, you may re subscribe at a later date by paying the regular registration fee. There are no penalties.