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Local farm fresh food for you and your family. Medium basket feeds 3-4 people. Available Weekly or Bi-Weekly. You will be billed a ONE TIME membership fee of $25 at checkout.

Medium Share - auto-renews Price:
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The Peachtree City farmers market wants to provide you the freshest, healthiest food available from all of our vendors. Your basket will include five seasonal produce items and 1 to 2 bonus item(s). These items will be chosen by the Peachtree City Farmers Market from different farmers. The bonus item will be based on cost of the item. All the produce is grown locally and is picked by your local farmer. Your bonus item will come from a local artisan and will be hand made. It may include a bar of goats milk soap, a piece of pottery etc.

Your one time membership fee includes two totes. You will exchange them out each time you pick up your basket.

Pick up is every Saturday at the Peachtree City Farmers Market. Between 11am-1pm.